From the darkness of Putin’s invasion sprouts a seed of hope, a bright symbol of global resistance against violence, war, greed and corruption.

This seed knows no borders; it grows wherever we nurture it.

Flower collection one

Display a sunflower (the national flower of Ukraine) to send a bright message of welcoming, peace and humanity.

Download your sunflower here

Let your government know that you oppose violence, and welcome any human seeking safety in your country.

For more information on the ongoing global crisis, click here.

Flower collection two

From 2022 onwards, we invite you to plant sunflowers every spring as a reminder of our humanity, our choices, and what we humans owe to each other as we welcome brighter days.

Flower collection three

The sunflower image is inspired by the work of Maria Prymachenko, a Ukrainian folk artist. A collection of her work was displayed in Ivankiv Museum, Kyiv region. The museum has recently burned down as a result of the ongoing conflict.

May I Give This Ukrainian Bread to All People in This Big Wide World by Maria Prymachenko
‘May I Give This Ukrainian Bread to All People in This Big Wide World’ Maria Prymachenko, 1982. (Original Title: Дарую українську паляницю всім людям на землі)
Maria Prymachenko